Life Coaching 

Are You Sick And Tired Of Feeling Stuck, Frustrated And Unable To Accomplish Your Goals?  Are You Motivated To Change, But You Don't Know How To Move Forward?

Life Coaching helps you develop and implement an action plan according to your specific needs and expectations.  A life coach works with people who are not struggling with mental health issues, but who may be struggling with defining goals, identifying strengths, formulating a plan, and following through.  The role of the coach is to provide structure, provide encouragement and support, and hold the client accountable for progress once the goals have been defined.  Clients may seek life coaching to help with career transitions, parenting, divorce, ADD, relationships, dating, getting unstuck, and identifying unhealthy patterns of behavior.  Life coaching is not recommended for anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and other mental health issues, where a trained and licensed mental health professional is more appropriate.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

We will identify your personal or professional goals and design a customized action plan to motivate and inspire you to move forward.  Life Coaching focuses on the present and the future, and creates a system to hold you accountable in order to achieve your goals.  If there are negative mindsets or core beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward, we will explore those and replace those with positive life changing actions and self talk to help you improve your productivity and feel your best.  Coaching provides encouragement and support even when the inevitable setbacks occur, or when life gets in the way.  

Life Coaching is usually conducted in person or by phone, and coaching sessions may last for 30 minutes, 1 hour or longer.  Coaching sessions are typically scheduled weekly to start, and once progress is being made, we may decide to move to every other week. The frequency and length of your coaching sessions may be adjusted and modified to meet your needs.  The benefit of coaching is that the plan is personalized to help you accomplish your goals and can be modified as you move forward.  

What Can I Expect From You As My Life Coach?

You can expect to identify your strengths as well as your core values.  In addition, you will identify the negative self talk, mindset and belief systems that may be standing in your way.  Life Coaching may help increase your confidence and self esteem, which increases your ability to deal with your relationship or career problems. We will design a customized road map with step by step objectives and strategies to move you forward.  When you do encounter an obstacle or detour, we will discuss alternative strategies and coping skills to keep you on track.  You can also expect feedback, encouragement, support and accountability while you are learning new habits and skills.

What If I Don't Know Whether I Need Counseling Or Life Coaching?

I understand that the distinction can be confusing.  Life Coaching is more focused on the present and the future, does not involve a mental health diagnosis, and is not reimbursed by insurance.  As a solution focused therapist, there is often a fine line between my solution focused therapy practice and my Life Coaching services, because I always focus on action plans, strategies, coping skills and helping clients move forward.  Please feel free to contact me and discuss which course of action might be best for you.

What Are The Benefits of Life Coaching?

You will learn more about yourself, your strengths, your limitations and how to define and accomplish your goals.  You will identify why and where you may be stuck,  and more importantly,  how to get unstuck.  Life coaching empowers you to reach your professional and personal goals. Life Coaching allows you to work one on one with me in a way that best supports your needs and goals to create a healthier, more fulfilling life.  The coaching relationship is a collaborative partnership, and the personalized plan we create will be designed to fit you and your busy life. 

What if I Don't Live in Irvine, Orange County, or California?  Can You Still Be My Life Coach?  And Why Should I Choose You As My Life Coach?

I can be your life coach regardless of where you live.  As a licensed MFT therapist, I am only able to work with clients who live in California.  However, as a life coach, I am able to work with people all across the country.  I love to help people learn new tools and skills to help themselves.  My clients describe me as straightforward, positive, compassionate, goal oriented and passionate about helping them succeed.  I am dedicated to staying current regarding research and knowledge and will work hard to find solutions to address the problems you face.

Why Pay For Life Coaching When I Can Just Ask My Family And Friends?

You can always ask family and friends for advice, support and encouragement, and if that is working for you, then you're all set.  However, sometimes the advice and support is simply not enough, is misunderstood or comes from a place that may be biased based on the person's own life experiences.  The advice may not be in your own best interest.  

How To Contact Me for Life Coaching:

If you are interested and want to know more about life coaching, please contact me to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation, or to schedule an appointment in my Irvine office.

Shellee Moore, LMFT

20 Corporate Park, Suite 215

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Please call me: (949) 261-8299





The future influences the present just as much as the past.
— Friedrich Nietzche