Do you have difficulty concentrating, focusing and getting things done? 

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Is your life filled with chaos and endless to do lists?  Despite your best intentions, is it difficult to stay focused, organized, and complete tasks on time?

Have you noticed that you have a habit of starting many projects, but finishing few?

Do you procrastinate and avoid tasks regardless of the negative consequences?

Is your relationship or marriage affected by your lack of organization or poor time management?

Are your friends and family irritated because you are chronically late, or worse, forgetting to show up at all?  Do they tell you the wrong time (earlier) to make sure you will actually be on time?

Is your house so cluttered and disorganized that you don’t invite people over to visit?

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Struggling with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD can be challenging, depending on the severity of the disorder.  Symptoms of ADD/ADHD may include problems with impulsivity, mood swings, inattention, distraction, disorganization, excessive worrying or feelings of hopelessness. 

You may strive to be punctual, but feel frazzled and disappointed in yourself when you are late, yet again.  Perhaps you like your home and office to be clean and organized, but you have piles of paper and stuff everywhere.  You feel anxious or angry when someone tries to move your things.

You probably don’t like feeling impatient and irritable, but you find it so challenging to manage your time and tasks that it leaves you feeling drained and defeated.   You may recognize that you have a low stress tolerance and sometimes you feel incapable of controlling your emotions.  You often wonder why daily life is so difficult and challenging, especially compared to other people.

Have You Been Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or Wondered if You Have It?

Perhaps you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, but you are unable to manage it.  Or, maybe you have never been formally diagnosed, but always wondered if you have adult ADD.   Sometimes an adult will first discover they have ADD when their child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. 

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If You Have ADD/ADHD, You Are Not Alone

ADD/ADHD was once considered a childhood disorder, and it was believed that most children would outgrow it.  However, experts now recognize that approximately two thirds of children will continue to have symptoms of ADD as adults. 

Statistics indicate that about 4% of the adult population has ADD/ADHD, or approximately 8 million people.  However, this number may be much higher, since some adults have never been formally diagnosed.

ADD/ADHD Treatment That Really Works

ADD/ADHD affects the way you think, feel and function in your daily life.  It can affect your self-esteem and your ability to control your emotions.   Once a diagnosis is made, you may choose how you want to treat your ADD/ADHD.  Therapy, coaching and behavioral interventions can help you manage your symptoms and achieve your goals.  You may learn new coping skills and thinking patterns to improve organization, time management and reduce stress.  It is possible to have ADD/ADHD and learn new ways to empower yourself, gain control, and have peace of mind.

How Can Therapy or ADD/ADHD Coaching Help Me?

We begin by identifying the type of ADD you have, which will be the basis for ADD/ADHD treatment.  You may need to visit your doctor to determine whether or not medication is indicated.  We work together to create a personalized toolbox filled with strategies, resources, coping skills and behavioral interventions to help you achieve your goals.  Since procrastination is often associated with ADD, we also incorporate deadlines and accountability into the ADD therapy process.  I have worked with hundreds of pre-teens, teens and adults with ADD over the last 25 years.  I will provide a safe and supportive environment for you, and when you need extra time or help, we will modify or tweak the plan.  We can meet in my Irvine office location, or if you live outside of Irvine or Orange County, you may prefer phone sessions for convenience.

What If I Don’t Want to Take Medication?

Ultimately, that decision is entirely up to you.  I work with many clients who have made the decision to manage their ADD without the use of medication.  I will share many strategies, tools, and other resources to assist you in overcoming and managing your ADD/ADHD.

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How Long Will ADD/ADHD Treatment Take?

The number of sessions recommended for ADD therapy depends on the severity of the ADD/ADHD, your level of motivation, and the goals you want to achieve.  At the end of the first session, I will provide you with feedback and recommendations for moving forward. 

Can I Stop Therapy at Any Time?

You may always stop treatment at any time for any reason.  My clients appreciate my flexibility and my respect for the fact that you are an adult and have the freedom to make choices regarding your ADD/ADHD treatment.  You are always welcome to return at any time in the future if your ADD symptoms become overwhelming or negatively affecting your quality of life.

I’m Ready, or I Think I’m Ready!  What Should I Do Now?

Are you ready to tackle the chaos, disorganization and time management issues that are associated with ADD/ADHD?  Do you want professional guidance, support and a step by step approach to help you overcome your ADD/ADHD symptoms?  Please contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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